Craig Dow | Ottawa Real Estate Agent | Ottawa condos | Ottawa homes | Ottawa Realtor | Royal LePage Performance Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Craig Dow | Ottawa Realtor
Craig Dow | Ottawa Real Estate Agent | Ottawa condos | Ottawa homes | Ottawa Realtor | Royal LePage Performance Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Craig Dow | Ottawa Real Estate Agent | Ottawa condos | Ottawa homes | Ottawa Realtor | Royal LePage Performance Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Craig is caring, compassionate, trustworthy, professional - in short: An excellent Realtor!

Despite having very specific needs and working within short time-lines Craig worked exhaustively to answer all our questions and successfully find our first home.

When the time came to sell our first home, we went to Craig again. We were also able to get the price we were hoping for. Craig used his marketing skills and reliable contacts (e.g. photographer, drone operator, lawn care services, lawyer) to sell the house in a relatively short period of time. We were taken step-by-step through the process and provided with creative solutions. And although we were in another province already, the sale of the house was made simple and less stressful through Craig’s dedication.

We would highly recommend Craig as a Realtor!

-- L and E
We were looking for a rural home and had Craig drive us around the Ottawa Valley for a few months, usually taking up all hours of the evening. He was incredibly patient, kind and honest when it was needed. Our time with Craig was enjoyable, and when it came time to get down to business he was incredibly professional, answered all questions we had (we had a lot as first time home buyers).

Because of Craig's advice,we were able to land our first dream home. I truly believe that if we didn't listen to Craig we may not be in the house we are in now. I will thank him forever for that.Thank you for being assertive and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend Craig to anyone purchasing a home.

-- Tim and Liz
Craig went above and beyond our expectations.  All questions were answered within hours, including evenings and weekends) and we were completely confident in all info and advice given.

-- Ryan and Lindsay Lalonde
Excellent, very informative and always answered my questions and helped me find all the people to complete my purchase.

-- Ann C.
Excellent service from start to finish; reliable and knowledgeable; will make sure the client is satisfied.

-- Amy and Francois
Craig really impressed my wife and I with his unerring professionalism. Any question we had and any insights we asked him to provide were always handled immediately and impeccably. He really helped us ask the right questions to land us in the right home, where we have been happy ever since.

-- Neil and Sarah
Craig is a true professional and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you have an easy and smooth transaction and will keep you informed every step of the way.

-- John
Effficient with timelines, focused on needs and wants.  His availability to see houses was great.  The communication and information provided was fluent.

-- Derk and Tracy
I would recommend everyone to select you as their realtor (and already have!) as you give honest and upfront advice, and treat all clients, in a professional and courteous fashion.

-- Christine M-R and Andrew
Craig was wonderful.  Very honest and no surprises.  As a first-time home buyer, he made us feel very at-ease and completely stress free.

-- Mat and Caroline
Craig has gone above and beyond my expectations. From the very first conversation, Craig was intuitive, caring, and patient. He was honest and upfront about everything. Anything he didn't know/wasn't aware of, he was willing to admit, find out and got back to me very promptly. I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor and very grateful for everything Craig has done for me.

-- Heidy Wong
Craig is professional and straight-forward and trustworthy, which is exactly what you want in a realtor! He makes the house-hunting experience easy and fun, and obviously wants the best for you. We will definitely turn to him again next time we're in the market!

-- Yael Santo and Dave Chamberlain
We would highly recommend Craig. We think that he did an excellent job with comparable houses and helped guide us with price.  He was extremely professional the entire time and worked hard to develop a rapport with us and get us trusting him and the process. He was prepared with details on the houses and alerted us to potential issue.

-- Ann-Marie Reid and Chris Goy
"Use Craig; trust me".  Quick turn around on e-mails, walked us through every step, extremely patient in dealing with our "cold feet", focused on finding our perfect home.  He exceeded our expectations in in every way.  We will definitely recommend Craig in the future.

-- Roxy and Jay McDowell
We are very happy with our decision to choose Craig Dow as our Real Estate Agent.  His professionalism, knowledge, dedication, honesty, and positive attitude made us feel as though we were in the best of hands, while also allowing us to enjoy every step of the journey of buying our first home.

Craig was always available to answer our many questions, and went the extra mile to ensure that all of our needs were being met and that the service we were receiving was exceptional

Although we were very specific about what we wanted for our first home, Craig listened to us and understood our expectations. He assisted us through every step of finding and purchasing our perfect home.

We would highly recommend Craig to anyone looking to buy a home, particularly first time home buyers.

-- Naomi & Andrew
Best Realtor in Ottawa.  Craig was so helpful during our first home buying experience.  He helped us find the best home within our budget and never stopped trying to make our experience the best it could be.

Because we were looking for a country home there was a lot of planning involved in the showing of the homes.  Craig made each adventure fun and exciting every time.  He was there to answer any questions we might have had no matter what time of day and helped ease our nerves of purchasing our first home.

His knowledge of first time home buyers was outstanding and gave the best advice when asked or needed.  We put full trust in Craig and we truly could not have wished for a better experience.

-- Amy Chamberlain and Alex Drapeau
Craig's knowledge, experience and patience as he helped me search for my new home made the process simple and stress-free.  Craig's commitment to his clients, his insight, and his tendency to go above and beyond are the reasons I highly recommend him as an agent to anyone seeking to buy/sell a home.  Thank you, Craig!
-- Katie Mulligan
We were happy we chose Craig to help us with the purchase of our house.  He provided good advice, was responsive, patient and accommodated viewings to our schedules.  Most importantly, he wasn't pushy and allowed time to consider the different options and was quick in responding to our information requests.  Overall it was a very good experience.
-- Mateo Barney
Craig was a joy to work with from start to finish on the purchase of our first home. He set the expectation early that driving us out to 'fact finding' missions at houses we had no intention on purchasing were part of the first-time home buying process and that it was his pleasure to go to as many as we needed. That type of dedication is seldom seen in many occupations, especially real estate. His coordination of our mortgage representative, lawyer, and contractor was superb, and he had excellent recommendations for all three.

Questions asked to Craig are either answered on the spot, or an answer is found within an extremely short time frame and a follow-up email is received very promptly.

He has a passion for what he does, and makes sure every aspect of the home purchase is the right fit for client. I would highly recommend Craig for anyone who appreciates honest, professional, and respectful service. We put all our trust into his expertise and credibility, and came away with an experience that we haven't hesitated to share to anyone with even a slight interest in buying a home.

-- Nick Campbell and Kelsie Kovacs
My house was very difficult to sell due to the amount of renovations that were needed.  The professionalism, devotion and patience that Craig demonstrated through the course of this process was phenomenal.  His determination towards his work makes him one of the best Realtors in the Ottawa region.
-- Bruno Fortin
Despite moving from a difficult situation and having very specific requirements, Craig had a very positive attitude and in a short period of time was able to help us find a beautiful healthy home that fits our needs.  Craig was very flexible and attentive to our needs and wants.
-- Edmond and Laura
Craig did an unbelievable job acting as my Real Estate Agent. He was prompt in getting everything completed that I needed him to do. His communication between himself, myself, my lawyer and the builder was exemplary. His friendly attitude and dedication to his work makes it really easy for me to refer his services to anyone looking for a great Real Estate Agent to help with their home ownership purchase. The icing on the cake for me was Craig contacting me during a middle of a round of golf and meeting me out in the middle of the golf course to sign my purchase agreement papers. That there showed me the lengths that he will go to please his clientele. Thanks again for a quick, easy, and smooth purchase.
-- John K.
You worked very hard for us.  You went the extra mile to help us find our dream home.  Despite all the inevitable ups/downs we had as first time home buyers, you kept positive and provided great service!
-- Jen and Evan
You were very effective and above all you took a lot of care.  We are new immigrants and we were really touched by your thoughtfulness to drive us with our baggage to our new condo.  We have already informed a friend about how great of a Realtor you were.
-- Sachithanantham and Sathya Kulothungan
Craig Dow has been a very reliable Realtor for any clients that I have referred to him.  The feedback from them has been nothing but impeccable.  Every single one of them has stated that he has made sure he goes out of his way to meet their needs and make the transition as smooth as possible.  I trust Mr. Dow to handle all my referrals in the utmost professional manner and I plan to continue to refer them to him.
-- Andrew Gray
   Account Manager, Royal Bank of Canada | Bank Street and First Avenue, Ottawa ON |

Excellent! Very carting to our needs and extremely patient.
-- Sachithanantham and Sathya Kulothungan

Craig Dow | Ottawa Real Estate Agent | Ottawa condos | Ottawa homes | Ottawa Realtor | Royal LePage Performance Realty Ltd., Brokerage


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